Garden and Grounds

The garden to the house is large and extends all around the property rising steeply at the back towards the mountains and the fields beyond. From the front of the house one can easily see Cader Idris with its three peaks, often referred to as the ‘Three Sisters of Cader’. From the front of the house, if you look to your left you will see the mountain that is close by and which provides some great walks for those who have enough energy. Make no mistake, the top of the mountain looks close but it will take at least two hours to get there!

The gardens in front of the house have a river running through them and were man mad some 70 years ago as they originally consisted of shingle as part of the river bank. The stone walls along the river were extensively rebuilt 12 years ago but a bad storm in 1996 resulted in the river rising and the resultant flood pushed the walls over.

The gardens behind the house have lots of hiding places and are a great area for children to explore.
Perhaps the best feature of the grounds is the patio area. This consists of a large patio right at the river’s edge. On a summer’s evening it is a great place to have a glass of wine and relax to the sounds of the river and the numerous waterfalls as the river comes from behind the house, past the patio and under the bridge. There is a large BBQ made of masonry and this is large enough to cater for several visitors.

When floodlit at night this area becomes alive and is the focal point for entertaining.