The original kitchen of the house was the room that is now the dining room.

The room now used as the kitchen looks far different than it did when the house was purchased back by the current owners in 1987. There was an old and rusty Rayburn with a chimney that went through the ceiling, into the bedroom and out through the roof. Consequently the double room was always warm even in summer!

The water supply to the kitchen is drawn from an underground spring and runs through numerous filters and treatments before reaching the tap where it is crystal clear and totally pure without any additives. Previously it ran from the spring but sometimes picked up small particles of peat and other unwanted items! The taps are marked Oer and Poeth. Oer is cold and Poeth is hot in welsh.

Until a couple of years ago there was a tame pheasant that used to peck on the kitchen window for food but it has now disappeared either through old age or as a meal for a fox! From the window you will occasionally see a random sheep wandering in the garden. However when you go outside they seem to vanish giving you no idea as to how they got into the garden?

The kitchen if fitted with modern features including a dishwasher which is essential if you are on holiday . There is also a fan on the wall. This is a dehumidifier and switches on automatically if there is too much moisture which can happen in the winter.

In the cupboards there are essentials such as bin liners, clothes pegs, matches etc. There is also an ironing board and iron available should the need arise.